Why use MAGNATE service?  

Why Magnate ? 

As we are one logistics and shipping company have the challenges and drive to compete with any with their prices and services.

We work in partnerships partnership with our customers to deliver Transport Solutions.


We care for our customer’s satisfaction and to deliver in time. We strive and work hard for our customer’s to full fill their requirements.

We work with customers closely and to enhance commitment for better development.

We deliver door step service.

We ensure our customer’s cargo is given the utmost priority at anytime.

We advise client to ensure there is cost savings for all transportation and handling of cargoes.

We monitor the cargo movement, as to update our client with the latest point where the cargo is.

We handle charter business to ensure a cargo is handling throughout from load port to destination.

We engage in selling the barges / vessel for to support our customer’s need in sea transportation.

We sell containers for the surplus we have, customers enjoy the competitive better rates.

We plan project shipment for our clients with total logistics chain.

We handle from load shipper’s place to consignee’s offload place.

We have expertise operational staff gives time to time update of tracking cargo.

We want to ensure all our customer’s are satisfied with our service, and pricings as well.

We hope that your kind feedback at : general@magnatemarine.sg will help us to improve our service better.


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